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Microdialysis sampling


Fraction Collector

・It's easy to operate

・ Cooling function

Micro Fraction Collector Model EFC-96 was developed to collect perfusate from probes at a given interval in microdialysis sampling systems. It is able to accurately collect extremely small quantities of fluid on the order of a microliter.

It supports 1, 2, and 4-channel operation. It supports sampling from four animals, or up to four locations. The sampling time and number of samples can also be programmed to support a wide variety of experiment systems.

 It supports 96 well PCR plates (flap-top).


フラコレ2-min (1).jpg


NO.of fractions: 
1channel 96 specimens/ 
2channels 48 specimens/ 4channels 24 specimens
sampling time:   1sec to 999.59 min (1sec step) 
1cons/ File number currently in use/ Current status/ Vial number in use/ Sampling time and elapsed time/ Set temperature

Sample holding containers:   12 rows x8 (arranged X-Y)
Sample holding capacity:   0.8mL
Cooling mechanism:   
Electronic cooling method (peltier device) 4℃ to room temperature

size:   280 x 390 x 320 mm (weight) 11.6kg
power source:   100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3.5A


EFC-96 movie

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